Avoid these things!

Avoid This Instead Do This Examples and Comments
Being still Keep moving gently, as often as possible. Move. Breathe. Get up frequently. Being still is commonly viewed as "resting" but too much of it causes strain and doesn't get your energy moving around your body. Standing in a fixed position when you are at an event or cocktail hour slowly builds tension. Keep moving, rocking between feet, taking deep breaths. Another example is sitting still at a desk, in a car, or on a couch - you do not heal by holding these positions.
Down and twist Never lift when leaning down and twisting. Turn toward the item with your full body, lean down, lift up, then turn. Emptying and loading dishwasher is the best example to avoid the down and twist on.
Crossing arms Keep your arms open Whether laying down or standing up, crossing arms creates tension and cuts off energy flow through the body.
Crossing legs Keep legs uncrossed Whether crossing at your lap, or crossing legs down on the ground, avoid crossing.
Carrying heavy objects Split up objects into lighter batches If you must, keep yourself straight while carrying. In particular, learn how to properly keep your back straight while lifting from a squat. If carrying something like a heavy backpack long distances, take frequent stretch breaks.
Chairs that slant backwards Chairs that are flat or slanted forward I frequently take a pillow, book, or binder to raise the back portion of the chair.
Wearing heels or Hard soles on your shoes Wear flat and comfortable rubber soled shoes There are some amazing shoe options today that are suit shoes with rubber soles. There are also some great cushion inserts (and some bad ones!) that make walking much easier on the back.
Long term use of meds Use meds only tactically (days, not weeks) Most meds are designed for less than 6 week courses, and they mask the problem. After that, you can expect to have permanent problems with your system (especially your liver). So many people think meds are the answer without realize the damage being done. Fix the problem!
Long term use of "corrections" like canes, supports, and braces Just like meds, use these sparingly and tactically. Your body will overcompensate and other things will start to go wrong.
Stretching and not breathing Always breathe in or out while stretching - do not stop breathing until you stop moving. Generally, if your chest is compressing as part of the stretch, breathe out. If opening, breathe in. But moving while not breathing is dangerous for your body parts.
Drinking alcohol Drink water Alcohol taxes your body and messes up the energy flow. It's harder to heal. The effects are multiplicative, so that 3rd drink is way worse than the 2nd, and so on.
Dehydration Drink water often Your body absolutely needs water to heal. This likely means you should avoid diuretics like coffee, especially when flying.
Overeating - especially too many sugars/carbs Eat responsibly. Generally speaking, if your stomach is working overtime, your body is taxed. There are many approaches here, and I can point to a few.
Sleeping too little Get as much sleep as you need
Constantly distracting your mind with TV, loud music, etc. Get your mind to calm down, whether with silence, nature, calm music, etc. Distraction does seemingly make the pain less - by having you focus elsewhere. It's like taking painkillers though - it masks what is happening and keeps your mind in a cloud.

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